Please Help

Dear Friend,

I have to thank God this moment for his direction as regards this mission.
God want me to complete this mission hence, I got your contact.I know you
maybe wondering how I got your contact email.

Actually when I heard from the doctor that my condition has become so critical,
I had to reach out to a Christian Sister, who assisted me in searching for
your contact in order to help me utilize this wealth the way I am going to
instruct herein, and even the sister that helped me in this regard doesn't
know the purpose for which I intend to contact you. I have prayed about it
and it has been revealed to me that you can make judicious use of the resources
for its intended purpose.

I am currently sending you this mail from my sick bed in the hospital.My
husband earned these funds (10,800,000.00 USD) but he died in a plane crash
and left everything behind for me and I will join him soon due to my ill
health. Due to my infertility resulting from medical problems I became barren.
God has a reason for everything. I would want you to contact my lawyer; he
will inform you on what to do.Contact him with the below details:

Barrister Peter Clark

Ensure to use a greater portion of the funds for its purpose in fulfillment
of my last wish.

You are Blessed.

Mrs. Scot Grey

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